Corona Smart Tips From Corona Renderer

Corona Smart Tips From Corona Renderer

Source: Corona Renderer

Hi all, we are happy to share with you some random smart tips that are probably not obvious at first sight. Feel free to contribute.

  1. You can change language of tooltips in Render Settings -> System -> System Settings. We provide English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, and Ukrainian translations.
  2. You can set up autosave of all renders every 10 or so minutes, and on render end, in Render Settings -> System -> System Settings. You can use the autosaved EXRs directly, or resume the render from them. This prevents data losses during long rendering on crashes and power outages. Autosave settings is shared for all scenes – i.e. you need to set it up only once.
  3. You can use same variable in autosave filename as in render settings – for example “%d %f %n %v” will output datel, filename, frame time, and camera name
  4. you can use CoronaColor in “Solid HDR color” mode with negative values to produce more saturated colors than RGB color picker would allow. The change is noticeable when using moderately to strongly colored light sources.
  5. CoronaColor is faster to render than other methods of producing solid color from maps, such as empty Output or ColorCorrect maps, or RGB tint/multiply
  6. You can save current scene settings as defaults from Development/experimental rollout with “Save defaults…” button.
  7. You can doubleclick the image in Corona VFB to fit the VFB to current render size
  8. You can add render regions in Corona VFB by just holding down shift + dragging in the viewport
  9. When using Corona Color Picker, you can insert web colors (e.g. #00FF11) directly, allowing you to copy&paste from photoshop in single step. You can also pick any color from the screen (not just from 3ds Max) with the “Pick” option
  10. You can click on the small Corona icon in the docked interactive rendering window to access additional options such as render stop and restart.
  11. You can enable improved Corona color picker in Customize > Preferences > Color Selector.
  12. The CoronaData texmap can be actually used to produce some interesting results – such as coloring objects based on their wire color, or based on the shading normals.
  13. Corona Output map can be used to apply LUTs and other post process adjustments.
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