Free 3D Model Bambi Armchair by Laci Lacko

Free 3D Model Bambi Armchair by Laci Lacko

FREE 3D model
Rare Bambi armchair model by Adolf Relling and Rolf rastad
Made in 50’s by Gustav Bahus & Eft in Norway


The model was made as CAD/Nurbs as an excercise and is now converted to poly/triangles as such it is probably not suitable for game/real-time engines(haven’t tried). It’s UV mapped for use with simple wood textures as shown on renderings.

It’s relatively detailed but due to imperfect weaving it’s not suitable for high-res close ups. However should be fine for use as part of a larger scene/rendering.

Model is without textures because the ones I used are from material library that comes bundled with corona renderer.

Free 3D Model Bambi Armchair by Laci Lacko

If you like, please leave a comment below, and let me know do you want more FREE stuff like this!

Source: Laci Lacko


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