How To Achieve CG Photorealism From Blenderguru

How To Achieve CG Photorealism From Blenderguru

If you’re a CG artist hoping to work in the industry, photorealism is the most important skill you can focus on. It not only helps you to learn and understand how real life looks (a crucial step for creating cartoonish exaggerated styles), but is also highly in-demand for hollywood, gaming studios and new industries.

If you can achieve photorealism results, you’ll go far.

But as any artist will tell you, photorealism is hard!

So how do you achieve it?

In this 54 minute post you’ll discover:

  1. Why photorealism is the most important skill you can learn
  2. The 4 Building Blocks that make up every photorealistic CG image
  3. Simple tips and tricks you can use to make more realistic renders

Links from the post:

View the slides from this presentation

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