Tutorials How To Make Window Blinds In Seconds

Tutorials How To Make Window Blinds In Seconds

Make Blinds is a free MaxScript that will create vertical or horizontal window blinds in seconds.  With just a few clicks you can populate hundreds of windows with randomized blinds.


This script offers two modes- ‘simple‘ mode and ‘power‘ mode.  Simple mode is a single click operation.  Simply select the windows you want to treat and it will create vertical blinds with random window coverage.  Power mode offers the following features:

  1. Choose between vertical or horizontal blinds
  2. Specify the width of the blinds and their offset from the window
  3. Specify a rotation angle (or rotate them randomly)
  4. Specify a range of window coverage
  5. Choose either a Max Standard, Vray, or Autodesk/Mental Ray material
  6. Options for layer and object naming

Via cgtricks.com
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